[Geknipst] 40|108

She opened her hands and showed him the two antique keys she had been holding. They were both tarnished and battered from old age and use and he wondered for an instant how long she already had them pressed in her fists.
“You will have to make a decision. One of this keys can open a new door for you and one will close an old one behind you. What’s it gonna be?”
“No further details this time?”
“Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway, so -” He reached out for her hands, but she moved too quickly for him to even slightly touch her.
“Actually it does. If you close a door behind you, everything from the particular time behind that door will stay in your past for good and you will be free to open whatever new door appeals to you. But you can also open a new door and get haunted by your past. Or nothing will happen at all.“
„Wait – do you actually care about my choice?”
“Not really. Because whatever you do, whatever your choice is gonna be, it will always be you and me, here, in this room. There is nothing you can change about it, but I am quite sure it will be fun watching you try.”


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