Finally watched the new ‘The Categories of Life’ episode of Torchwood and actually want to throw up. That episode was so disgusting and plainly sick!

I’m fine with the fact that they really try to make the viewer realize what Miracle Day means in all points to society and how society most likely would deal with such a situation but coming up with the idea of categories which allow the government to decide whether a life is still worth living or not (anyone recognizing that idea?!) and then the whole overflow camps themselves which are nothing but modern day interpretations of concentration camps — no words.

Children of Earth already made one doubt humanity but this episode topped it. And hearing Gwen tell the other Torchwood members that both Germany and France started overflow camps too and the whole of Europe would follow them now made it even sicker for me.

And I seriously hope that the minute the miracle ends, someone shoots Oswald Danes right in the head, that character is so unnerving and I really don’t get why people start to glorify him – he raped and killed a 12-year-old, hello?! Not mentioning that the whole speech he gave was a bit too religiously breathed on for me – humans making the leap to being angels? Not really.

Dunno, the season started off rather interesting but the new characters are somehow still not really integrated and there are too many you simply can’t like, there’s still no clue about why the miracle happened, how it helps whom and why, and all that cruel shock moments don’t help covering that the season overall lacks tension – I could hardly stop watching CoE because I just needed to know what would happen next but with Miracle Day I couldn’t be bothered less. And I don’t have high hopes that they’ll be able to turn the whole thing around in the last five episodes.


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