[gesehen] 7.1 Meet the New Boss

Supernatural is back with its seventh season!
I’ve loved this show since the beginning and although season six was mostly a giant mess, I’m actually very pleased with ‘Meet the New Boss’. It seems like they finally have a plan of what they are going to do again!

I’m looking forward to what SPN is going to make out of the Leviathan. Would be interesting if they’d go with the demonology tradition and give us all the princes of Hell as villains this season but that would probably be too much to ask…
On a side note, Misha Collins is acting brilliantly! That man just switches from puppy eyes to serial killer grin in a second.

Also, Crowley is awesome like always.
Not to mention Death’s appearance.
It was also nice to see Lucifer again.

Now I have new Supernatural episodes to watch twice a week; on Monday the fifth season is running on German telly (I’ve only seen it in English so far) and on Saturday the new episodes should be online 🙂


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