[Gesehen] Borgia 1.1

Watched the first episode of Borgia tonight, and totally loved it!
There have been quite a few discussion beforehand as they had to cut it down to a lower rating because of all the explicit scenes and blood but so far you don’t really recognize any heavy cutting. It took some time to introduce all the important characters but I really found it easy to follow and the family structure isn’t too complex (yet?). It’s also going to be interesting to compare it to The Borgias which will be broadcasted sometime in November. I’m already looking forward to the next episode although I have to admit that the time slot isn’t a very good one. Come on, three times a week, 100 minutes without a break, at 20:15? How is that gonna work? Probably going to watch half of the episodes online in the mediathek after they aired because of that…


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