[Getestet] Primark Home Duftkerzen

Candles are probably my favorite home decoration; they look fantastic if you use them as plain decoration, burning them can make a place feel real and like home and they come in multiple sizes, sorts and colors. Scented candles are my favorite type of candles, and I had been thinking about ordering something from Yankee Candle for a while now – especially because I read so many praises for their Vanilla Cupcake scented products, but the prize put me off. I already found a very lovely kiwi scented candle during summer at the home section of our Primark store, and therefor hoped that with Christmas nearly around the corner they might have some wintry scents this time and they did (:

The Cinnamon Spice candle really smells like cinnamon and reminds me a bit of roasted apples. Right next to it I found the Vanilla Cupcake one – not necessarily a wintry smell but I guess they put them together because of both of them being in a jar – and instantly feel in love. I have no idea how the candle from Yankee Candle smells but the Primark one really smells like a vanilla cupcake. I could spend hours just smelling it, for me a sign that a scented candle is good. I still have to see how well it’s going to burn down though, otherwise I’d really suggest that everyone who lives closely enough to a Primark store and always longed for such a candle to get a hold on it. The jar is said to burn for 45 hours and costs 4,- and there is also a big tealight which should be 3,- – definetely a nice alternative to the Yankee Candle!


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