[Getestet] Glossybox Beauty vs Douglas Box of Beauty

If you should have never heard of both of them, here a small explanation:
Both boxes have a similar idea behind them, you pay 10,- per month and get a box with five beauty products – for the Glossybox Beauty you make a profile featuring your skin type and what sorts of products you’re interested in (make up/scents/cremes etc) and they put your box together out of this range, a special theme for the month and the brands they feature that month. This can basically be anything. The Douglas Box of Beauty always features one full product and four samples as well as a coupon – if you decide to buy one of the products again, you get 10% off of it at one of their stores or their online store in a certain time frame.

The theme this month for the Glossybox Beauty is caring and the color scheme is influenced by the typical Halloween/pumpkin/October(?) colors black and orange. As each box is hand packed, I was pretty impressed by the amount of detail they put into the package alone. So pretty! Besides the product description they also added a recipe for a pumpkin face mask, maybe going to try this if I find a decent priced pumpkin at the market (:

I got following products:
– A-Derma |Lippenbalsam Original
lip balm, full product, 15ml normally cost 7,90€
– ALO | Allure (Mangostan, Mango)/Enrich (Granatapfel, Moosbeere)
apparently this is a very healthy juice(at least it looks like that) made out of mango, mangostan and aloe, full product, 500ml normally cost 2,50€
– Kaloderma | Age Balance Tagespflege
daycare creme, 5ml sample, 50ml normally cost 14,99€
– Misslyn | Sweet Lips
lip gloss, full product, 8ml normally cost 4,95€
– Moroccanoil | Oil Treatment
hair care product, 0.34 fl. oz sample, 100ml normally cost 45,-

I already used the lip balm and it’s really improving my lips so far, for the other products I’m pretty happy about the lip gloss (although I already have a ton…) and that juice looks interesting. I have no idea what mangostan is and how it tastes and I always wondered about Aloe Vera juice anyway. The daycare creme now isn’t that interesting, I already have a daycare creme and my skin doesn’t necessarily need anti-age care so far – I’ll probably not come around testing it before my normal creme is empty. The product I like the least is the oil treatment – my hair is pretty thick and I don’t think that there’s even enough in the bottle to use it overall. Also the normal prize is much to high for my liking.

For my first Glossbox Beauty I think it’s rather nice but I’ll need to see whether the next months are going to be equally good to decide whether or whether not to stay a subscriber.

I already tried out the Douglas Box of Beauty in May which was rather disappointing. After reading at a lot of blogs that Douglas actually recognized the criticism and really improved over the last months, I decided to give it another go. The box always comes in this square box and unlike in May the products itself were in a tiny Douglas bag. The full product this month is Soap&Glory – Mother Pucker a so called plumping gloss which is said to make the lips look fuller. I’ve always wanted to try out one of Soap&Glory’s products and I lovelovelove their package designs and names and therefor I really don’t care that I already have like a million lip glosses. The other products are:
– Venus Aloe Vera | Liquid Soap (300ml)
I adore liquid soap! We already have a bunch so this is going straight into my savings box for my own flat (:
Dsquared Portion Duschgel (30ml)
shower gel sample for men… well, maybe my dad likes it
Clarins Hand- und Körperpflege (8ml)
hand and body creme, going to be used once my regular is empty
– BeYu Mini Mascara (5ml)
the good thing about mini mascare: they fit into even the tiniest bag, but I really start to have enough for a lifetime 

I’d agree that Douglas is getting better with their Box of Beauty but it still isn’t the most exciting thing ever. Of course it’s more difficult for such a huge retail chain to make such a box more individual but I’d at least expect to only get products and samples for women if I’m a woman who’s ordering. Also this is the second mini mascara I got in this box… Douglas already published the brands for the next box and as the prdouct from Essie is only going to be a sample and all the other brands don’t tell me anything, I won’t be getting it.

For me, the Glossybox Beauty definetely won this month!

*The Glossybox Beauty is only available in Germany; the Douglas Box of Beauty is available in Germany and Switzerland – a similar service for the USA is the Birchbox (http://www.birchbox.com/)


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