[Gesehen] AHS: Murder House 1.1

I just finished the first episode of ‘American Horror Story’, not sure about it yet. It’s made pretty well with all the cuts and different angles, and it reminds me strongly of older horror movies but at the same time it’s hard to tell what is actually real and really happening. Each family member seems to have a pretty strong issue going on, the secondary characters are creepy as hell and the house is daunting. What annoys me so far is that – of course! – no one even thinks about turning the lights on while walking through the dark, scary house, the sex scene was stupid and Vivien is already pregnant and gets cravings like overnight. And that latex suit – seriously, I have no idea how anyone can get turned on by that and I really don’t need to see more of it.

Might going to watch another episode tomorrow after work but for now I’ll cuddle up in bed and watch ‚The Lion King’ which finally got rereleased on DVD here. Definetely a nicer way to end the day.


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