a few things

It feels like awfully much happened in the last few weeks although it’s hard to grasp everything…

I met with F. for brunch after not having seen her for quite a while – six months maybe? I don’t know but she’s one of the persons with whom that doesn’t matter. At some point she pointed out to me that it’s nearly two years since we graduated, it’s crazy to think about it. In about four months we’ll leave for Sweden together and I still need to plan a lot of things for that trip.

I went to Hamburg and saw both, Florence + The Machine and Emilie Autumn, live in concert. The Florence + The Machine gig was pretty boring in my opinion and I regretted not selling my ticket outside the venue halfway through the concert, also the people around me made me feel icky. The EA concert was the complete opposite on the other side! This was already my fourth concert (not counting the book reading) of hers and this time I got myself a VIP ticket. The VIPs had to arrive earlier in front of the venue where I met up with a girl I met on twitter as well as a bunch of other lovely people – funny thing, one of them was a guy I knew from school and would never have thought of to like this music! – and talked in a weird English/German mix as one girl was from Sweden and the other one from Argentina. Everyone was excited and anxious and yet you could talk to basically anyone. We got to see parts of the rehearsal, had a meet and greet and were also allowed to stay inside the venue and buy things at the merch table before the doors officially opened. I may write a more detailed entry about the concert itself but it was intense and beautiful and probably the best one I have seen so far. After the concert our group went to a close by café where we had a few drinks as well as some food before all of us left into different directions again.

My family moved into a new, better flat.

University started again and I actually didn’t fail in ancient history like I thought I would. Now I need to survive the Middle Ages.

J. and I went to see The Woman in Black in the cinema and it’s actually pretty good! You don’t get to actually see the woman a lot throughout but the atmosphere and music leave you breathless nonetheless and you really shouldn’t be afraid of antique toys if you watch it. The ending was especially good because it made you believe something else in the first place before you learn the truth but the very last scene is a killer as it really freaks you out. We saw the movie during the afternoon and it took both of us quite a while to shake the oppression off again.

For nearly a week I stayed at my sister’s and also went to the doctor with her where I got to see my niece for the first time on the ultrasound.


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