IKEA rant

I love IKEA. I adore the simplicity of most of their designs, how you can mix up different elements of their series (like Billy or Pax) and the continuity of them as well as their furniture stores in general. In my opinion it’s really helpful to look through the catalog or their internet shop before actually going there; if you have in mind what you actually want to buy or what you’d like to view firstly in the store before deciding, it’s much easier to get out without spending a lot more money than you originally wanted – because this stores have so many cheap things like candles or plants or wrapping paper along the path towards the checkout (pretty much like Primark..) and you just loose track. Most of the times I buy only half the things on my shopping list because they either don’t have the right color of the item available or they simply look rubbish in real life. Actually I only planned to get the Expedit shelf this time but so far this things have lined up on the way:

Most of these things are for storing obviously. Like I mentioned earlier, I want an Expedit shelf – I have wanted one for a few years but it never fitted into my earlier rooms and now it would! My parents are probably going to feel a huge relief once it’s here; I have been talking about it for ages and annoying them with this topic. I’ll need to take a look on the Expedit shelves they’ve put up in the store to decide which boxes to choose for it in the end: Branäs for example is only available in black and nature at our store and I’m not sure I’d like that color combination. I’d also like to buy another Billy shelf as I have a small one right now which is bursting at the seams and a big one would definetely help here. Not so sure about the Helmer yet, only read a lot of blog post declaring it the best solution to store nail polish, so I need to look at it. I need to get a second Kvissle as only putting one on my wall looks a bit rubbish – we have a too high ceiling – and I do own enough magazines to fill them both up anyway as well as another package of Flyt’s. Candles are always an option as well as fake plants, postcards, more boxes or random things I don’t really need in general.

J. was so nice to offer to go with me to the nearest store and I’ll need to see how big her car is, maybe I’ll need to return for a few things later this week… but I’ll think positively: we managed to squeeze two big Billy shelves and two DVD shelves into our tiny car so why not be able to squeeze all these things and some things of J.’s into hers as well.

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