[Gesehen] Dark Shadows


I watched Dark Shadows yesterday and although I already had read and seen a lot of bad reviews for it, I still hoped it would work out to be a great movie with the typical Tim Burton flair but nope. I don’t know the series the movie is based on and whether it would make sense in its context but for a standalone movie, Dark Shadows is plainly boring.

  • The movie takes way to long to introduce all the main characters and still we don’t get to know a lot of most of them.
  • They don’t explain the rules of this world and how everything works, you just have to accept vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts and reincarnations to be running around.
  • The characters of Dr. Hoffmann and Roger are just irrelevant and don’t help the plot at all.
  • The sexual references were funny at some parts (e.g. Barnabas talking with Carolyn about Vicky and her good child-bearing hips) but after some time they started to get too obvious and stupid.
  • Angelique’s death happened way too fast and easy, although the doll concept was pretty cool as well as her trying to hand over her heart.
  • Also Angelique had a pretty good reason to be pissed off, even if she didn’t handle it nicely.
  • They focused too much on Barnabas and how he doesn’t understand all the modern things.
  • It also didn’t help to have all the make up blog posts about the Nyx Dark Shadows palette in mind, because every time you got to see Barnabas, I had to think of it.
  • The whole ending sequence.

What I really liked about the movie was the soundtrack and all the seventies gimmicks, the hair and clothes and cars and so on. Eva Green looks stunning with blonde hair and the portraits of her ‘ancestors’ in different art movements were pretty amazing. I also really adored the scene where the portraits in the Collins’ house started to bleed – Josette’s portrait totally reminded me of Mark Ryden’s work at that moment!

The movie is probably nice to see once in a while on telly if nothing else is shown but you don’t miss a thing if you don’t see it in the cinema. They couldn’t really decide whether to make a horror movie or comedy out of it, and it shows.


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