travel plans

I had to call the airline to get our flights sorted out earlier in the day.
F. and I originally should fly from the new airport in Berlin but because it didn’t open as planned the flights got re-booked to a different airport and there was some problem with the flight back from Arlanda. The airline took care of it and confirmed the flights again so we really are going to Sweden in  just eleven weeks! Probably not going to really believe it until we sit inside the plane…

I still need to decide how to travel to F.’s place in the first place and while checking the train connections, I realized how affordable it actually would be to travel to Berlin itself. I’ll need to check whether I get another week off from work in October and if I should, I’m really tempted to just get myself a room in a cheap hostel and enjoy a week in one of my favorite cities, snapping pictures and visiting museums on my own terms, before the winter semester begins.


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