I haven’t had the patience to write a proper post in a long time; somehow my mind was all over the place during the last few months. I finished my second semester at university and all the essays and seminar papers which came along with it and am now about to start the third one next week. In total I spent two weeks together with F. this summer, eight days in Sweden alone and it was one of the best trips I have done so far. After I came back home my mum left to take a cure for three weeks so I had to take care of my dad, the dog and the overall household while also going to work and I am really glad my mum is back home again or I would probably die of exhaustion soon. Yesterday my parents had their thirtieth wedding anniversary and in two days is my birthday. During the summer my kit lens broke which wasn’t too bad, only unfortunate as I didn’t feel like taking pictures at all but with autumn here it seems I am getting back that feeling. I neglected editing pictures, old ones as well as the one from my vacation, only occasionally touching them, neglected writing mails and staying in contact with people, neglected doing anything I should get done and instead buried myself in books and tiredness. Next month I will spend one weekend over at my sister’s house, attending a Marina and the Diamonds concert in the city nearby, and one weekend over at F.’s place, going to see a Sweeney Todd musical production in Magdeburg. November is going to be a busy month and I look forward to it.


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