Assassin’s Creed III Rant

– I loved the trailer based on Desmond and it surprised me that it’s actually the beginning of the game as well – probably to make us see where William is coming from later on but I’m still not sure about his character.

– The modern assassins were awfully quiet in the beginning. Considering that Desmond has to explain about Juno talking to him, they can’t be aware that he didn’t stab Lucy because he wanted to – so why don’t they question him? Maybe Initiates will reveal whether there was some dialog in between.

– Some dialog in the loading screens between sequences from the modern assassins would have been nice.

– I was a bit confused why we have to spend so much time with Haytham but that plot twist is brilliant and I totally didn’t see that one coming! The whole scene where he takes the ring from the corpse did startle me but I couldn’t really put it all together until he says “You are a Templar” during the initiation of Charles.

That comment from Youtube puts it very well because:
We thought Haytham is an assassin and his action were good ones – the series so far has portrait the Assassins as good and the Templars as bad/evil and therefore we associate the good actions with the assassins. But seeing Haytham’s story means we have to change our view and understanding of this two groups and I just love that Ubisoft did this!

– The confrontation between Desmond and William – I still don’t know what to make of William, I mean he could simply answer his son instead of starting a fight, but I really liked that scene as it shows that Desmond as a character has grown and thinks for himself.

– Shaun = favorite character

– asadsdgdfghjfgjkhjkljhkjhkhjlökjl  I knew Daniel would show up there, this is getting better and better! And Desmond just knocking him out was brilliant! 😀

– I love that Rebecca tells us about Hannah and what happened to her although it isn’t a happy story… I really want to see more of Cross though in the game

– And William and Desmond actually talk about his mother! Really glad that Ubisoft at last brought this topic up

Shaun and Desmond talking about the “revolution” is pure gold 😀
I also liked how Shaun asked for his favor – he really wants to get into the animus at least once!

I think it’s sad that there isn’t a ceremony for Connor joining the Order but whatever… it would also have been nice to hear the creed explained to him…

I have this feeling that we’ll end up killing all the Templars we were introduced to in the beginning just to kill Haytham last and retrieve the key from him which Connor will bury/hide/whatever somewhere close to the temple so Desmond can get it with no problem but that the Templars are already waiting for him there or that they have taken it somewhere else – hopefully we’ll get a good plot twist soon so that the storyline isn’t as easy to decipher as it seems to in the moment…  

The Boston Tea Party is about to happen \o/

– “Chin up, friend. Many who should’ve died today now live because of you.”
“And what of them?“
„We do the best we can with what we’ve got.“
„It is not enough.”
“Hm.. it never is..“

 “They ‘as the money. They ‘as the power. That’s the reason I threw in with ’em. That’s the ONLY reason. Sure, they ‘ave some sort of vision, for the future too. I didn’t give a damn about any of that. They can sing their songs about mankind and it’s troubles. They can make their plans and spring their traps, don’t bother me none. They paid me so I said yes. Didn’t bother to ask who or how or why. Didn’t care.”
“You chose to side with men who would rob us of our humanity simply because it was more profitable?”
“Wot else is there? I’m not some blind fool who’d give up all I’ve got on principle. What IS principle anyway? Can ya bring it to the bank? Don’t look at me like that. We’re different, you and I! You’re just some blind fool who’s always chasin’ butterflies. Where as I’m a type of guy who likes to have a beer in one hand and a titty in the other. Thing is, boy, I can have what I seek. Had it even. You? Your hands will always be empty.“

I like the fact how much we get to learn about the Templars in this game!

Hmm, in a way it is nice that this time the clothes get bloody and blood also gets spilled on the ground but it gets a bit too much from time to time

Something is wrong with Charles Lee’s eyes – can’t wait til Connor finally gets to him!

Connor nearly dying at the gallows was done very well although I don’t understand why he had to follow the one guy if Washington isn’t even there anymore instead of killing Lee who was basically right next to him

Desmond in action is awesome! I know they want to end his storyline in this game but I really want to see more of the modern assassins, their sequences are always so short..

William is leaving for Cairo – why do I have the feeling something IS going to happen to him, especially with Cross being there in the picture?  

This is never going to work out but who cares? The Kenway men are working together! 😀

“It’s all a matter of perspective. There is no single path through life that’s right and fair and does no harm. Do you truly think the Crown has no cause? No right to feel betrayed? You should know better than this, dedicated as you are to fighting Templars – who themselves see their work as just. Think on that the next time you insist your work alone befits the greater good. Your enemy would beg to differ – and would not be without cause.”

Valid point, well expressed.

“Why me?”
“Because I said so!”

I love Haytham’s logic xD
And the two of them referring to each other as Father and Son is lovely although it probably won’t last long. 

It was clear something would happen to William the moment he decided to leave for Cairo alone…

Okay, Daniel has a point about Desmond running around without a gun and it’s nice that the bleeding effect is taking the better of him AGAIN before he can actually kill Desmond – but his overall ending is weak. Seriously, couldn’t we at least get a little dialog/last words before he’s gone instead of just jumping in his back, a little stabbing and Desmond running again after Vidic? I liked Daniel… -__-

Also, Vidic refers to Daniel as his son and yet he’s totally calm once Desmond enters the room and William is untouched, not even a scratch on his face? Ooookkkaay. 

Connor and Desmond both have daddy issues but their fathers are pretty badass

I really wished they would have shown us more about Connor and Achilles relationship before putting the old man on his deathbed…

Killing Charles Lee isn’t an easy thing to do but seriously? He vanishes from Haytham’s funeral, then you have to swim from the harbor to a ship to hear he’s apparently at a tavern at the exact other end of the city where you learn that he’s in fact somewhere at the harbor. There both of you get nearly killed in a burning dock but instead of finishing you off he flees badly wounded to the frontier and of course Connor follows him there also badly wounded to finally finish him off. I really liked though that they don’t talk at the end.

Hid the key where no one is ever going to look – a grave? Very original. 

Does that mean Achilles had a wife and son and that maybe he somehow not only failed the brotherhood but also his family and that’s the reason they are dead? And that Connor was his second chance on being a father in a way or maybe Connor reminded him of his son and that’s why he gives him that name? WHY DON’T WE LEARN MORE ABOUT ACHILLES THROUGHOUT THE GAME, WHY?!

Basically there is nothing but a weird globe pedestal which can glow. Awesome. How is that going to save the world?

I have a problem to distinguish Minerva and Juno. They look so similar to me O.o

Yay, bitchfight!

And all this time you didn’t think it may be a good idea to, uhm, send some kind of message through a POE or something else that Juno is an evil witch and not to be trusted? Or a nice little reminder that humans should indeed research and look for a solution that the first civilization could not find because of lacking the time?  

Also, how can Juno know how to save everyone? Special snowflake or what? And why didn’t she do it the first time around?

Why discuss the earth’s destiny with your folks if you can just send them away and make the decision yourself? 

Is Desmond now dead or just unconscious? I am going to refuse to believe he is dead until somehow talks about his huge sacrifice, mistake or whatever in a clause the next game!

Juno is a hologram, yes? She can’t do much harm as such, can she not? Or did I miss something here? I am confused. 

Credits, shalalala – hello epilogue!

You know that your village is empty because you went there and got the “hid the key!”-message. Why do you have to return there and be all surprised that your people are gone? Connor, you already knew that. Also, that guy he tells him looks a lot like Ezio or is it just me?

Party hard, the English are gone – and now we can have slaves! Or at least that seemed to be the message in this scene..

Who the hell is talking about the pivot mission? And how do you hack into the animus? Are you hacking into a session which is taking place right now somewhere else (but then you couldn’t possible tell the person what to do because they would notice your hacking as a result)or are you hacking into a recorded session? More confusion here. 

By the way: where was Erudito this game anyway? Did he/they/it retire, or what?

Well, at least I’m not left heartbroken by the ending this time.. the game itself is beautiful as fair as I can tell from the walkthrough I watched, and I am looking forward to play it myself once I get a new computer but the main storyline simply is a goddamn mess. It seems as if the writers ran out of time at some point and had to squeeze in too much into the last sequences because they were too busy making us fall in love with Haytham at the beginning of the game. The ending for me feels rushed and there are far too many plotholes. The other games all left you anxious in the last few minutes to see what was about to happen and then just ended with a big cliffhanger and you basically screaming because how the hell can the credits just roll NOW DON’T DO THIS TO ME but not this one. Juno and Minerva have a huge fight which is absolutely hilarious, the earth gets saved, Desmond may be dead and someone hacks into the animus and babbles about pivots. Oh, and apparently the whole fight Templars against Assassins was pointless to begin with. What the hell?


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