Although I am here laying down not feeling so good, I have found myself visiting your Flickr stream and appreciating all your photographs. It’s been a while since I last did so. In fact, just last week I found myself reminiscing about my days at the website Project365 (or backwards. Too weak to look it up now) and I then smiled at the thought of a girl feeling inspired as ever, clicking arrow after arrow and seeing the days of a very alluring girl from Germany. I would read captions and I would open up a different tab to listen to the music „the girl from Germany” would insert as a caption. I learned a lot about her through her photography. More than enough for my heart to open up a spot for her uniqueness and creativeness. For her as she is. Janine, this is totally random, out of the blue, but I guess these are the moments you can believe my words have the most meaning. I am grateful to have found you on that day. Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship towards me, and Will of course 😉 We really love you.


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