[tagged] kill me with the beat

tagged: ten favourite lyrics.
they’re in no particular order and I’d probably choose different ones in a week’s time but here we go:

I. Her world’s a photograph that gets dissected bit by bit.
Delta Goodrem – The Analyst

II. Never say forever ‘cause forever’s a lie!
Stonesour – 30/30-150

III. In meinem Kopf sind Spiegelscherben.
Taumelnd stürz’ ich ins Verderben.
Zwischen Tod und Ewigleben,
muss es etwas drittes geben!
Subway To Sally – Veitstanz

IV. How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget.. you don’t expect an easy answer
Stonesour – Through glass

V. Sag mir wie, nicht wann
Sag mir, was ich wirklich kann
Pur – Treib mich weiter

VI. Are you suffering?
Show me your suffering
I want your beautiful suffering
I want to see your pain!
Emilie Autumn – Liar

VII. It’s just my humble opinion
But it’s one that I believe in
Paramore – Playing God

VIII. I told another lie today
And I got through this day
No one saw through my games
Superchick – Courage

IX. So why care for these petty obsessions?
Your designer heart still beats with common blood!
And what if you could have genetic perfection,
Would you change who you are, if you could?
Repo! The Genetic Opera – 21st century cure

X. I can run from the law, I can run from myself
I can run from my life, I can run into debt
I can run from it all, I can run ‚til I’m gone
I can run for the office and run for my cause
I can run using every last ounce of energy
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family
Amanda Palmer – Runs in The Family


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