Cassandra Clare/Maureen Johnson – The Runaway Queen (The Bane Chronicles, #2)
“Oh, the universe had outdone herself. The universe would be sent flowers.”

Okay, I really love the character of Magnus Bane and all but this ‘book’ was terribly pointless… especially because you know the entire time things won’t work out because history. Still looking forward to the third part of the chronicles though!

rating: 1/5

Neil Gaiman – Niemalsland [engl.: Neverwhere]
He had noticed that events were cowards: they didn’t occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once.

I love with this book with all my heart and actually ordered a physical copy of it today just so I can highlight all my favorite quotes in it and write ‚THIS!’ next to them.

rating: 5/5

Mike Carey – Neverwhere (graphic novel)

It took me some time during part one to adjust to the design of the characters and the drawing style in general but overall it was a nice adaption of the novel.

rating: 4/5

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)
“’Let me give you a piece of advice. The handsome young fellow who’s trying to rescue you from a hideous fate is never wrong. Not even if he says the sky is purple and made of hedgehogs.’”

I knew beforehand through spoilers that this series would again include a love triangle and as I hate love triangles, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to starting this. Overall it’s a nice and funny read but it took me ages to warm up to the major characters.

rating: 2/5

Drew Ferguson – The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second
“For once I’d like to be human wallpaper.”

Interesting topic and one with not many books about it but not exactly my cup of tea.

rating: 2/5

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)
“’It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.’”

Once one has warmed up to the characters in book one, it gets pretty good in book two.There are some parallels to the conflicts in TMI and the love triangle still annoyed me a bit but the overall storyline makes up for it.

rating: 4/5

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)
“’Sometimes one must choose whether to be kind or honorable,’ he said. ‚Sometimes one cannot be both.’”

The solutions for the conflicts are in a way made to please anyone. What made it good was the way so many tiny details which tie this series in the bigger context of the other Shadowhunter books appeared and that Clare manages to break your heart countless times – also the epilogue was fantastic.

rating: 5/5

Kate Harrison – Soul Beach
“’Three questions are enough to find the truth. With just three questions you can bring down a government, reveal an affair, unmask a killer.’”

The book itself is very good as well as its idea but my problem is the website. From the descriptions we get the technology is about our standards and the way Harrison describes the beach and how Alice experiences it is not making sense for me. She is apparently moving around with her mouse but can feel the wind on her face, the sand under her feet?

rating: 3/5

Kate Harrison – Soul Fire
“’You didn’t read the job description for being a teenager, did you, Ali?‘ ‚No. Never got the email.’
‚OK. Let me run you through it. We’re meant to get pointless piercings. Go out with pointless men. Have bad dye jobs.’ She pulls at her split ends, which are showing the effects of five colours in as many weeks. ‚Wind up our parents. Live dangerously.’”

Still the problem with the website and how the rules aren’t really clear – I am really looking forward to see whether (and if how) Harrison tries to wrap the story up in the next book or if we’ll be getting a fourth one. Also I still have no idea who the killer is!

rating 3/5

Jennifer Richard Jacobson – Small as an Elephant
“’Tell her I got it. I got my Monopoly.’”

At first it was hard to get into this book – it basically throws you right into the story and I didn’t like the protagonist at first. The facts about elephants throughout the book are really interesting and then he finally met Lydia, I was close to tears. Also it ends at the best moment.

rating: 4/5

Sara Shepard – Ali’s Pretty Little Lies (Pretty Little Liars, #0.5)
“’What are our summer plans, people? School’s ending in a month.’ Brianna Huston, who had glossy black hair and thick goalie’s legs, lowered her sunglasses. ‚Lose ten pounds. And get a boyfriend, of course.’”

It’s a nice addition to the main series but if you should happen to read it before the second story arc unfolds you will get yourself spoilered with no ends – therefore I think it’s a bit problematic that Goodreads marks it as number 0.5. I still didn’t like the plot twist about Ali and I am glad it hasn’t come up in the show until now..

rating: 3/5

Kahlil Gibran – The Broken Wings
“She wore a cloak of deep sorrow through her life, which increased her strange beauty and dignity, as a tree in blossom is more lovely when seen through the mist of dawn.”

I generally like Gibran’s philosophy works but the writing style in this book was exhausting. I just couldn’t bring myself to like the narrator and his lost love…

rating: 2/5

Thomas Harris – Red Dragon (Hannibal Lecter, #1)
“’Because it’s his bad luck to be the best.’

Read this because of the series. The writing style isn’t really mine although the story itself was good. The biggest disappointment simply was how little of Lecter is actually in this book, I would have loved to see more of his character.

rating: 2/5

Ever Silver – Rush (The Game, #1)
“’What I could control, I controlled.’”

I wasn’t actually expecting a story about teenagers fighting aliens but it was rather refreshing. I like how the game is presented and how you kind of know where the story is going without being too predictable. And the cliffhanger at the end makes me really want to read on in this series!

rating: 4/5

Sara Shepard – Crushed (Pretty Little Liars, #13)
“If a little voice in your head is telling you something is up, maybe you should listen.”

Ever since the third story arc started this books have become both frustrating and annoying, especially Emily’s arc made me incredibly angry. Now in book 13 Aria has the main storyline and it is actually pretty good – still not very believable but who cares? I also like the twist about there being two A’s although this now really wasn’t the biggest plot twist ever. Really excited to see what is going to happen next!

rating: 4/5

Diane Vanaskie Mulligan – Watch Me Disappear
“Friends forgive one another’s faults and they learn to understand one another.”

From the title I expected a total different story and sadly it only gets lightly touched with Maura’s character – I guess if you don’t know the signs you’ll easily overlook her disorder. It’s refreshing to have a novel without a too big love story but the characters were too jumpy and didn’t stay true to themselves.

rating: 3/5


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