[Gesehen] The World’s End + The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


There are a bunch of movies which I want to see the next few months in the cinema and both, The World’s End and TMI: City of Bones, have been high up on my must see list. I managed to finally watch them yesterday thanks to two coupons and have mixed feelings about them…

The World’s End was basically what I had expected and hoped for. It was funny, had great characters and cast, the soundtrack was perfect, there are tragic moments, the whole choreography in some scenes is wicked – it’s a really good mix. And very well written. Especially two connected scenes about one of the guys meeting his former bully are perfect. But after they reach the last pub it just gets bad story-wise. I would have been a lot happier if they just kind of waked up the next morning and there would have been a different explanation than the one we are given. And the way Gary ends up? Ugh, just no. If I should watch it again next year once the DVD is out I’ll probably either end up skipping the last few scenes or liking it way better the second time, we’ll see – it kind of seems like a movie which gets better if you see it more often. Or maybe the more you drink during it (seriously, this movie is basically screaming for drinking games!)

I started reading the Shadowhunter books earlier this year because I was intrigued by the movie trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and although I do have some problems with Cassandra Clare in general I like them a lot. The cast seemed very good in my opinion and the snippets we had due to the trailers also looked nice. Reviews have been very mixed about it and I can see why after having seen it myself now. Is the movie a good one? Well, it’s entertaining. The effects are great, the cast is doing a nice acting job, you get some romance, some action and drama. The German dubbing wasn’t very fitting and some translations were plainly bad but that can also be the case in the German books, I don’t know (I read them in English.), and they didn’t really manage to bring the same humor across as in the books. And the books live a lot through this humor. The movie plainly sucks at being an adaption of a book. There are too many changes which are unnecessary and too many pieces missing. Maybe it would make sense in a later movie if they happen to continue this series but right now it doesn’t. It’s all over the place and that’s quite sad seeing that they basically had all the right ingredients there – solid series, huge fanbase, (mostly) approved casting and well-known names.


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