Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Rant

So assassins aren’t very fond of pirates… good to know!

Edward has interesting ideas about living the good life as a pirate… and that bottle lying right next to him at the beach is also rather cliché. Really trying not to think of PotC references but it’s HARD.

You have just gotten out of the sea and you want to tell me that this gun is working?

That assassin really doesn’t like pirates.

Edward threw away the hidden blade – the HIDDEN BLADE god damn it! On a side note: it’s pretty clear some other assassins will eventually show up at Havana or some other time and our bad boy pirate will be in serious trouble. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE HE HAS NO HIDDEN BLADE!

That whale was awesome! 😀


– Really appreciating that they mention the Aveline game in the main series!

So Abstergo is basically making use of leftovers aka Desmond’s DNA and that’s the Sample 17 project… yeah, well, not much to say to that.

Abstergo looks pretty modern and sleek here and it is kind of funny how there are no guards at all. And that redhead – Melanie? – was also just like “Notice the lack of security? Here, have your tablet that also is working as an universal key for everything” – you are aware things like hacking exist, right? And it hasn’t been that long in the game universe since Desmond walked into the headquarter in Rome and pretty much  just killed nearly everyone in there…

“So are we basically now a Google employer searching through history to find cool content for future games? What the fuck!” – comments like that are we reason I love let’s players – and to be honest that whole workstation kind of has that vibe.

– It’s also funny to see Bowden’s books in game like – I enjoyed the first four ones but they are really controversial in the fandom and it’s also a bit weird to have them there? Like everything is modern and computers, tablets, here, have a QR code and a fancy animus computer BUT let’s not forget about some books xD

Animus Omega has an annoying voice.

Title card and awesome music in the background on arriving in Havana o/

Okay, thoughts so far: Edward isn’t really sympathetic yet – but I do like his sass. It’s also cool that the modern times are first person and it’s made like this is you, the player, doing the research (of course that experience is kind of limited as you’re pretty much immediately referred to as a guy but that’s fine). The naval missions look nice as of now but I find them rather boring and I hope we won’t get too many of them (yeah, as if in a PIRATE game but a girl can hope!). It’s also a bit problematic that Edward is already doing a lot of assassin related things without being one yet but I will just file that under teaching the gameplay early on in the game. It feels like ACIV needs a bit longer to get into the story overall but with the arrival in Havana now I guess that will soon be made up for.

Edward looks rather good with this bloody face to be honest.

That missions in Havana are boring me a bit because it’s basically just running from point A to B. Come on, I don’t want to be bored so early on in the game :/

Would it have killed you to take the sugar with you? Ugh, Edward. And I take it that thingy is the vial, yes?

Havana isn’t my idea of a beautiful town but the blue of the ocean there is amazing! Really makes me want to go for a swim.

 „Betraying the assassins is never good for once health.“ – you gotta be kidding me. So Duncan was on his way to leave the order? And probably stole that vial thingy? Alright, the story just got a bit more interesting. And please tell me that people are Templars, please!

Yep, they are – awesome! 😀
Makes the whole Kenway family history far more interesting and complex. And with the assassins showing up now it shouldn’t be long til Edward really is in trouble.

Okay, I’m now 1/5 through this game and I’m bored to no end. Maybe it’s better if you’re actually playing it but this whole recruit pirates mission was boring and way too long. I dunno but the recruitment in Brotherhood was way faster. And the sea sequences are also boring to watch. It would be so nice if something significant would happen storywise. Preferabbly in modern times but right now I’d be happy about ANYTHING. Hurray, Edward got his Jackdaw and crew and tries to gather information about the temple the Templars are after. Couldn’t any assassins show up now? He also is still no member of the order.. (it’s also not helping that the let’s player put on the Altair clothes and it’s really hard to take Edward seriously at the moment)

Finally out of the Animus again o/
And it’s funny: in the German version this Melanie character has the worst fake French accent ever – and in the English version she has none… way easier to stand her talking!

Seriously, a Star Trek reference? You got to be kidding me.

 – “Post Mortem Report: Subject 17″ or fuck you Ubisoft. Seriously, that entire report is making me sick. And that they don’t even have the decency to at least carry the body bag at the end instead of just dragging it… holy shit, just NO. Leave poor Desmond alone already!

„See… that file you acquired… I wouldn’t recommend watching it. I mean, you could… but it’s unpleasant. So once you hand it off, pretend this never happened. Okay? Otherwise, you’ll just go to bed feeling sad. Anyway, the courier should be waiting downstairs.” – how lovely of you to remark this right after we have watched the video. And this whole comment basically is Ubisoft’s attitude towards Desmond, just go to hell already!

asdfgkjhfdsasdfkjhgfdsf I CAN HEAR SHAUN MY LOVE~ ♥
Rebecca too but SHAUN!

What the hell did they do to Shaun’s hair? Black is definitely not his color.

“Anyway, thanks, Have fun pirating.” – loving the double meaning of that sentence in this context!

This flashbacks to Caroline… hmm, not sure what to make of them yet but they don’t make Edward look sympathetic.

So James Kidd (who still sounds like a woman to me but fine) is an assassin and kind of introduces Edward to the creed… well, at least it’s a bit more defined as in ACIII. And they even say the series title in the dialog…  I want to go back to modern times already  -.-

After ignoring this game for several months I decided it was about time to finish it – and because I couldn’t care less at this point, I simply watched the rest of the cut scenes thanks to this lovely game movie. I dunno, it might be a fantastic pirate game but for an AC game it’s pretty weak. Just some finale rants about the two story lines: 

The pirate story.

Ugh, I just can’t decide whether to like Edward Kenway or not. It was a good thing that he at least joins the Assassins at the end of the game and decides to change his life – but it just takes way too long. I mean, he runs around like an assassin most of the time, uses their weapon of choice and fights the Templars but because of different reasons and once his mind changes there are just like, what, ten percent of the storyline left? It felt very stretched to me, more like a proper story you could shorten a bit and put in a DLC when a main game. Towards the end of his story we also get two scenes thrown at us which are pretty similar – one then Edward has his drunk hallucination of all his dead companions with Mary yelling at him at the end, and the second where Anne is singing and you see a table nearby with all of them sitting there – and the second time I just didn’t feel sad anymore. Yeah, basically nearly everyone he cared about is dead, I already got that the first time. And the whole Jenny part… okay, your husband leaves to go to sea and writes like once a year but if you notice you’re pregnant – why not try to let him now somehow? Nope, Edward gets to know this fact a few years later. So, he’s intending to return to England but Jenny joins him at that island and then they sail home together. Uhm, if he’s already heading that way why risk her safety and let her come to him in the first place? It’s not like such journeys were the safest things in the 18th century? We’re also left with the impression that they get along pretty well and everything is fine. But afterwards we get the cut scene in the theater/opera with little Haytham and she doesn’t seem like 100% okay with going by his name – fine, I know why because I read the terrible Bowden book but otherwise this scene would confuse me. Talking of that book – Edward knows two strong females, Anne and Mary, and respects them and still you want to sell me the way he treats Jenny in Forsaken? Great. Good thing I refuse to acknowledge the events in Forsaken then.

Plus, I still hate how Mary ended but well, that’s history for you and falling for the wrong characters.

The modern story.

Basically that story line is the reason I still watched the rest of ACIV – I love the modern story and assassins we most in the series. I think they wasted some opportunities here especially towards the end. It is a pretty slime part of the game and I guess that’s because it ain’t easy to tell the story in a way that the gamer should think he’s that new Abstergo employee. The IT guy gets you to hack stuff and deliver data to Shaun and Rebecca, okay. This starts to get fishy at the point where he flat out threatens you in a “I could simply tell Abstergo you hacked here and destroy your life so play along” phone call. The Assassins now thanks to your information about a conference and it’s very likely that they take Olivier out because he gets missing. Well, might have been nice to see more of this. Your character gets locked in at the building and the IT guy gets crazy. We get to meet Juno again who is basically floating around in bits around the nodes and networks of the world and tries to gather enough strength to get a physical body again – I think John, the IT guy is a sort of experiment of hers in a way that his speech sounded a bit like he also was, whoever, a data ghost thingy, also floating around and she helped him get a body? Or maybe she just suggested that idea to him? Not sure but the plan is to take the employees body and put Juno in it – and it fails so IT guy tries to kill you and gets killed himself. I loved this sequence so much and it was so interesting! I mean, no big surprise that guy was crazy but why not show us more? You get asked by Shaun and Rebecca at the end whether you aren’t up to some more hacking (which left me to wonder why they didn’t try to like warn your character because they know IT guy went a bit down the mental lane but idk) and it is quite an interesting turn as well. Seriously, all this is far better than the shit we got with them in the temple in the last game and Ubisoft cuts that down to what, 15, 20% of the entire story modus, if even? Argh >___<

I’m not even sure whether I look forward to the next part at this point… I want to look at Aveline’s story at some point because it’s finally available in the new version and it sounds pretty fascinating but yeah… totally depending on the next era we’re getting. 


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