Max Brooks – World War Z
“Can you ever “solve” poverty? Can you ever “solve” crime? Can you ever “solve” disease, unemployment, war, or any other societal herpes? Hell no.” 

Been reading this book for a while… mainly because it reads like a textbook and I’m not that interesting in zombies. I liked how Brooks jumps between the characters and all the different places and he does have some interesting ideas in between – pretty sure someone who likes zombies would enjoy this book a LOT!

rating: 2/5

C.D. Reiss – Songs of Submission series
“He was trouble. Six feet two inches of life-damaging trouble in a sweet, tempting motherfucking devil of a package.”

Too lazy to write thoughts down for each book in this series: it’s a nice and pretty fast read. None of the books are pretty long and the novellas are even shorter. Close to the end there are events which make the story a wee bit dramatic but it’s written very good. In fact the series could have been improved if Reiss had put the lil’ heart problem a wee bit more in the middle of the story and had not decided to skip so much after it. It’s basically heart break and drama and sudden resolve and then she jumps ahead quite a time and writes the ending down in like five pages. Monica as a character jumps a lot between characterizations but it somehow makes her very believable, Jonathan could have been a bit more fleshed out. At times he seemed too much a product of the women in his life. I’d also have liked to see more of the family but I guess we’ll get that in the next series of hers.

rating: 3/5

Shannon Hale – Austenland
“Miss Hayes, have you stopped to consider that you might have this all backward? That in fact you are my fantasy?”

Read this because I saw the movie trailer and it falls directly in the category of what I like. At times the characters and Austenland itself make you cringe but the story plays out nicely and it’s not too kitschy. Plus you can’t guess from the start who she ends up with which is always good.

rating: 3/5

Shannon Hale – Midnight in Austenland
“Even stories need a chance to sleep.”

Austenland mainly sticks to Pride and Prejudice for inspiration and the sequel sticks to Northanger Abbey. The main character is far more likable than the one in the first book although she can drive one crazy from time to time. Austenland has a lot of cracks in this book which kind of takes the fun away and the end is a bit too kitschy for my liking.

rating: 3/5

Isaac Asimov – I, Robot
“What broke loose is popularly and succinctly described as hell.”

This is basically a bunch of short stories connected by a very loose frame. From the short stories I liked only one as a whole and just aspects from the others. It’s the type of book which is terrible to read but the main points of it can be discussed for hours.

rating: 2/5

Issac Asimov (retold by Tricia Reilly) – I, Robot
„I saw how robots were developed. In the beginning, they couldn’t speak and men were their masters. Now robots are extremely clever and powerful. They control the lives of humans. It will be the Machines who decide who lives, and who dies.”

It’s interesting to see how the meaning of a book can change in some points if it gets retold – especially if it needs to be made a lot simpler so English learning people can read it. The highlights most definitely were the pictures in here..

rating: 2/5

Markus Zusak – The Book Thief
„You don’t always get what you wish for. Especially in Nazi Germany.”

Saw the movie trailer, wanted to read the book. It’s told out of Death’s perspective and is the story of the so called book thief. It’s hard to describe Death’s way of storytelling but it’s unique and brilliant. And although he tells you things in advance and spoilers you so you know what is coming – the moment it does it still hurts. Basically cried all the way through the end because Zusak manages to make you care for all the characters, no matter how minor or bad they are, and their fates and yes, you can’t just always get what you wish for and life is just like this. It also ends in the best possible way and the last words of Death gave me goosebumps.

rating: 5/5

V.M. Zito – Return Man [engl.: The Return Man]
“In den letzten vier Jahren war er auf all seinen Reisen oft über diese kleinen Überreste von Leben gestolpert. Jedoch hatte er das immer als deprimierend empfunden. Es war, als ob man die erste Seite eines unvollendeten Romans las. Und wenn man dann umblätterte, sah man nur noch Hunderte Seiten unbeschriebenen weißen Papiers. Hatte der Held überlebt? Oder war er einen schrecklichen Tod gestorben?”

Another zombie book… my co-worker gave it to me and said she really liked it and indeed it’s good. For once it’s actually acknowledged if one of the main characters gets hurt and that wounds don’t magically stop hurting after five minutes. I actually just didn’t like two things about the novel: one, how openly it ends because you just want more but there is no sequel in sight, and two, how the Danielle story plays out. From all possibilities it was the easiest way out and just didn’t fit in with the rest of the story.

rating: 3/5


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