[Gesehen] DW Christmas Special

There are a few plot holes in The Time of the Doctor but I’m willing to ignore them right now (somehow all the Christmas Specials do have them after all):

– Clara needing the Doctor to play her boyfriend was PRICELESS
– that entire Church was weird from the start but okay
– the bald head was a pure moment of shock – good thing he puts his wig back on – but it’s nice to include this rl thing
– A town called Christmas – kinda expected Jack Skellington and the Grinch to walk around the corner that moment
– too little of the Weeping Angels but at least they made it into the episode
– he’s sending Clara away twice in one episode, now that’s a bit harsh – at least the second time she gets to take the Turkey
– all that drawings reminded me so much of Amy’s room
– I started to like Tasha the moment she fights the Daleks and hits the Doctor – but of course we can’t have a strong female character so 11 has to kiss her and she isn’t hitting him again
– Tasha really is like a River 2.0 most of the episode – makes you wonder why River herself couldn’t play priestess
– Clara talking to the crack was heartbreaking. She’s starting to really grow on me with the last few episodes.
– I think I can admire the way Moffat bends the regenerating rules here tbh
– seriously thought Clara was seeing a hologram of him at first a la ‘I’m dead and here’s a final message for you’ then Matt was standing in the TARDIS again
– his last few lines were both, 11 and Matt Smith, talking, you can’t convince me otherwise!
– little Amelia running around already broke my heart but the moment grown up Amy showed up? FUCKING GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!! “Goodbye, Raggedy Man” ;_____________;

– the change to Capaldi was really fast though? And the episode basically ended right there?
– I can’t believe we’ve really got to wait til August now to see Capaldi’s Doctor outfit and the new TARDIS design – that were the things I was looking for most! >.<

Also – airing a brand new Sherlock trailer right after this episode? Brilliant marketing here, BBC! (the Death Comes to Pemberley trailer beforehand also was really nice)


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