Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl
“Hell, at this point, I can’t even imagine my story without Amy. She is my forever antagonist. We are one long frightening climax.”

God, I can’t await the movie! This book is so full of amazing twists and character changes – such a rollercoaster ride! The only thing problematic is the ending – because there’s a final twist and therefore one character can’t be punished and you really want that punishment. The movie will have a complete different ending and I’m very excited for it!

rating: 4/5

Hannah Harrington – Speechless
“The truth is, the person I’ve been hating more than anyone is myself. It is so easy. So easy to look in the mirror at all my imperfections and think of all the ways I fall short of someone…”

It’s a cool story, especially because the main character isn’t one you’ve read a hundred times in YA novels. It reminded me a bit of Speak and that’s where the weak point is here: it happens to fast. The events in this novel are happening in about a month – so Chelsea isn’t being mobbed for months or anything but a month. And yeah, it is terrible but it’s also very quickly over.Also – if the posters are put up everywhere around school, how do the teachers don’t notice? Well, the teachers must be blind and deaf anyway in this book but still… that was a bit of a downer.

rating: 4/5

Francesco Marciuliano – I Could Pee on This
“They say there are
Twenty-four hours in a day
But I’m only up for three of them
And two I consider overtime” 

The poems are so great!
Definitely need to get the other one by him as well!

rating: 5/5

Lang Leav – Love & Misadventure
“You have said all the things I need to hear before I knew I needed to hear them”

First of – the illustrations by her are gorgeous! The poetry on the otherhand… I don’t know, too much rhyming, too many cliches. Just not my cup of tea.

rating: 1/5

pleasefindthis – I wrote this for you
“And you asked why people always expected you to smile in photographs. And I told you it was because they hoped that in the future, there would be something to smile about.”

I didn’t get the photographs at all. The texts reminded me strongly of aphorisms, and the majority appeal to you thanks to this. It somehow annoyed me that the author constantly tried to address you, it didn’t really work out.

rating: 3/5

Jay Asher; Carolyn Mackler – The Future of Us
“History’s a bitch when you’re in the middle of it.”

The basic idea behind this is great. Two kids in the 90ies stumble upon a weird website called Facebook and see their lives 15 years in the future. Now, with every event the future seems to change. At times the events seemed to easy but okay. My main complaint would probably be that the mystery element doesn’t get resolved. We never figure out why a link to Facebook shows up on AOL. And it only disappears because the girls’ future self changes her password? Aha. I don’t know, it just blatantly screamed marketing for me to use Facebook in the first place – because you could easily have them find out about their future in a different way? But this premise sells better, duh.

rating: 2/5

Jay Asher – Thirteen Reasons Why
“I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why.”

A book you can discuss for a long time and that polarizes. I think it’s unique in the way it’s told and one of the more unusual YA novels.

rating: 4/5

Henry Jacoby – Game of Thrones and Philosophy: Logic Cuts Deeper Than Swords (Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture #30)
“Our most fundamental need as humans is not justice; our most fundamental need as humans is avoiding having a greatsword inserted up our nose”

Some interesting essays, explained very well. I just got annoyed by how often Ned Stark is used as an example for things and that some of the essays seem to repeat themselves in a way.

rating: 2/5
Alisha Rai – Cabin Fever
“Warning: Contains a convenient snowstorm that throws together two wounded characters who happen to be wildly attracted to each other, a droll-worthy hero, a shotgun-toting heroine, mattress sex, shower sex, couch sex, armchair sex, some light bondage, and a really good cup of cocoa.”
This book was actually pretty good although I kept wondering why it’s a standalone. Rai has clearly put a lot of thought into the entire thing. The ending was a bit weak too.

rating: 3/5

Meggie Royer – Healing Old Wounds With New Stitches
“I want a room that feels like home when I walk into it instead of a foreign country where no one speaks my language.”

Well, I think Royer is hands down my favorite writer of poetry so not much explanation needed. It’s just like each poem speaks to you or at least uses such perfect metaphors that they stay with you. Really hoping she’ll publish more this year!

rating: 5/5

Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones’s Diary
“It is proved by surveys that happiness does not come from love, wealth or power but the pursuit of attainable goals: and what is a diet if not that?”

Ugh. Fought this could be a fun read but no. Bridget is just not likeable and I didn’t care about the story at all. I dunno, I just dragged myself through it for the daily counter of things she consumed plus her few good takes on diets.

rating: 2/5

Neil Gaiman – The Sandman, Vol.9: The Kindly Ones
“I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school. They don’t teach you how to love somebody. They don’t teach you how to be famous. They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. They don’t teach you anything worth knowing.” 

The first half of this volume has the most annoying art style, really annoyed by it. Daniel’s mother causes trouble and I am not particular fond of her… but it is cool how the different storylines now come altogether for the end.

rating: 4/5

Neil Gaiman – The Sandman, Vol.10: The Wake
“Nobody died. how can you kill an idea? How can you kill the personification of an action?“
„Then what died? who are you mourning?”
“A point of view.” 

I liked the ending. There was a bit of foreshadowing earlier towards this end but it is done in a really good way. It’s also great how the „point of view” kind of stays the same but different and that you can still tell them apart. Also my favorite character managed to survive which made me extra happy.

rating: 5/5

Maya Banks – Never Seduce a Scot
“‘Tis a blood vow I swear and a blood vow it is, because if it should ever happen, blood will be shed.”

No idea who picked the covers for this series or the titles – they sound and look so cheesy but it’s actually rather nice. The revelation of the deafness could have happened a bit later but yeah – it’s a nice read and you like basically all the characters instantly.

rating: 3/5

Maya Banks – Highlander Most Wanted
“I think the two of you have much in common,” Bowen said quietly. “You’ve both survived difficult circumstances. You’re both strong despite your fragile appearance.”

That quote is basically going to summon up all three women in that trilogy but whatever. The ending here was terrible kitschy but exactly what I wanted. Can’t wait for the third part and how the whole pregnancy thing will work out!

rating: 4/5

Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects
“Sometimes if you let people do things to you, you’re really doing it to them”

Actually an interesting case but the writing didn’t work for me. I was simply bored for huge parts of the book. The cover and blurb put a lot of emphasis on the cutting but that just wasn’t important? And the ending happens a bit too fast, just telling us this and this happened and now I am here, trying to fix that mess that is my existence.

rating: 3/5

Leigh Bardugo – The Witch of Duva
“Stupid girls, you think. I would never be so foolish. But you’ve never known real hunger.”

Such an amazing fairy tale!
Totally didn’t see the twist coming and it was just perfect!

rating: 5/5

Leigh Bardugo – Shadow and Bone
““It’s funny,” I said after a while. “I always thought that being beautiful would make life so much easier.”“

The first part of Alina’s story. The pacing is a bit all over the place and there are some tropes you just know but the world building is fantastic.

rating: 4/5

Leigh Bardugo – The Tailor
„It hurts, but I can bear it. Because I am a doll, and a servant. Because I am a pretty thing and a soldier all the same.”

Read this and would probably have disliked Genya if it wouldn’t be for the last few sentences. You understand where this character is coming from and it’s just important that she understands it too. Makes the events in Siege and Storm for her even more tragic.

rating: 5/5

Leigh Bardugo – Siege and Storm
“The girl touched the collar at her neck, the fetter at her wrist. So many men had tried to make her a queen. Now she understood that she was meant for something more. The Darkling had told her he was destined to rule. He had claimed his throne, and a part of her too. He was welcome to it. For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. She would rise.”

You think you know where the story is going but there are such amazing twists all over the place. Stormhound is easy to resolve and it makes you believe all the twists are like this but no. I can’t await part three to see how Alina will kick ass – also the mythical creature I was waiting for is playing a huge role and as I love that creature, it made me very happy!

rating: 5/5

Leigh Bardugo – The Too-Clever Fox
“It is always the same trap,” she said gently. “You longed for conversation. The bear craved jokes. The gray wolf missed music. The boar just wanted someone to tell her troubles to. The trap is loneliness, and none of us escapes it. Not even me.”

I knew the truth pretty fast and it wasn’t a real shock. It’s okayish.

rating: 3/5

Chuck Wendig – Blackbirds
““We’re in the middle of nowhere.” “It’s America. Nowhere is nowhere. Everywhere is somewhere.”“

Miriam is like an anti-heroine. You just can’t really like her and that somehow makes her likable. Wendig has written scripts and it tells – but it makes for a rather unique voice. Miriam’s ability is also pretty cool and I always loved reading her visions. The problem itself was okay but gets better if you know the rule it plays in the next novels.

rating: 3/5

Chuck Wendig – Mockingbird
„Easy solution to soothe the soul: Hair dye. A balm for bad thoughts. Goodbye, ugly chestnut mop. Goodbye, old original. Goodbye, good girl. Hello, fuchsia motherfucking flamingo.”

That case was pretty creepy but also interesting. We now know that more people have special abilities and Miriam gets a new one. Also some stuff about her past now makes a bit more sense.

rating: 3/5

Chuck Wendig – The Cormorant
““Everything depends on you, Miss Black.”
“Miss Black? So formal. Please. Call me Go Fuck Yourself.”“

The case is amazing and you want to know what is happening in the interrogation. In a way that series reminds me of the Final Destination movies, it’s really a fun, morbid read!

rating: 4/5

Martina André – Die Teufelshure

Ugh. Fine, André did research. Lots of research. And she wants the reader to get the fruits of her labor. But there is just so much trivia stuffed into the first hundred pages with so little story that it just bored the hell out of me. The blurb sounds like a mystery time travel thriller crashes with romance and not like research paper with some small hint of sex scene. Abandoned this book because I don’t have the time for reading over 700 pages of probable boredom.

rating: =/=


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