Cassandra Clare; City of Heavenly Fire – 27.5.
Sara Shepard; Toxic – 3.6. 

Leigh Bardugo; Ruin and Rising – 17.6./26.6. 
Michelle Hodkin; Retribution of Mara Dyer – 4.11./6.11 

Pretty sure that there are more books coming out this year which I have been waiting for but these are the four most important. Three final books in trilogies (although The Mortal Instruments is more of a hexalogy than two connected trilogies but whatever) and the second to last book in the Pretty Little Liars series – although we have been promised a final in that series for so long that I’d be not surprised if it’s not going to end with the sixteenth book after all.

Toxic is going to be a guilty pleasure book again. Seriously, Shepard has put the girls through so many unbelievable scenarios that I’m not even sure anymore how this series could ever end in a positive way. Still waiting for at least one of the liars to bite the dust to be honest…

City of Heavenly Fire will probably be a hard read, depending on who is going to die. But we are promised two weddings at the end so I guess it will have kind of a cheesy ending. As long as the humor and pacing are good, I don’t think Clare will screw it up.

As for Ruin and Rising, I strongly believe it’ll outdo itself. The second book in the series was amazing and the last few lines already gave me goosebumps and I don’t believe it’ll stop there in the final book – not after the amazing snippets we already got. Also one of my favorite mythological creatures is going to make some sort of appearance and we’ll learn more about the villain. And the Darkling is an awesome villain! Only probable problem I am seeing so far? It will most likely leave me in a glass cage of emotions.

The only one which could be a disappointment is the Retribution of Mara Dyer – I am not sure how the conclusion is going to work out and therefor I try to keep my expectations rather low. Either Mara was lied to about Noah or he needs to be resurrected in one way or another… I don’t know, I really want a happy end of some sort for this trilogy.


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