[Gesehen] Pretty Little Liars 4.20

The newest PLL episode was such a train wreck… I was actually happy that Spencer’s pill problem makes an appearance in the series although it differs from what happens in the books (but nearly everything differs at this point anyway) but the way it’s handled… ugh. If Spencer had this “problem” before, it should be in the time between Ali’s disappearance and the starting of A – because both parties would have jumped on that otherwise. But her friends didn’t know or noticed anything at all? A simple dialogue between Emily and Hanna could have saved this like:

“Don’t you think something is wrong with Spencer?”
“Nah, she looked like a zombie two years before during finals as well and was back to her usual self in like no time.”

But no, although there are doubts about Ezra, they take the information from him without a second thought and confront Spencer together with Aria. Yeah, they’re concerned and everything but at this point they maybe should have learnt that their strength is in the group and that singling one member out never is a good idea? And the way that confrontation goes, I was actually surprised Spencer didn’t just walk out on them. And how on earth can Spencer have done this before and not learnt to hid her “problem”? I mean, she clearly knows how to cheat her way around otherwise to get pills. She looks terrible the entire time but with a bit of concealer and foundation that could have been changed pretty easily. Anyway, with her look it’s a serious surprise her mom didn’t get suspicious at all.

The whole Ezra drama was a bit… anticlimactic? For such a “big” reveal at least… but maybe that’s due to the fact that Aria probably doesn’t want to believe all of it yet. Like – he told her a nice story – even if I don’t believe a word of it, too many coincidences – to explain how he’s not A and it seemed like at least a part of Aria wants to hold to that? Or she’s pretty convinced of his love and that he won’t harm her? Just having problems with the lift scene in general because I’d have freaked out more in Aria’s stead… really intrigued though to what the season finale will be about this time now the Ezra reveal has happened!


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