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A young psychology student is drawn into the dark and fearful world of a diabolic and mysterious App that starts to terrorize her, distributing compromising photographs, videos and text messages about herself and delves deeper and deeper into her personal life, flawlessly exposing all of her deepest secrets. [x]

Watched App earlier tonight and although it has its weak moments (especially plot-wise), it was really enjoyable overall. At the beginning it reminded me a lot of Her: the app asking for her name, reminding Anna of her appointments – basically just the entire interaction between them. Towards the end it turned towards tropes from Final Destination, especially the last scene, but I wouldn’t categorize it as a real horror flick… App is more of a thriller but the horror is the subtle, paranoia kind.

What’s really cool about this movie is that it uses second screen technology. You can still watch the movie on its own and follow the plot-like usual – or you download the free app for the movie and get extra clues while watching thanks to it. I’m still fascinated by how that app can tell by simply listening to the movie where you are and then to show you the extra content (all you do is open it and click on start!).The content itself is without tone so your viewing experience isn’t interrupted and consists of a mix of video footage, pictures, chat windows, and different smartphone screens. It’s really cool because it allows you to see some things before Anna sees or figures them out while still not giving too much away.

The story itself gets frustrating at the end because it’s a bit overdone. This is partly due to manage the incorporation of the app til the very last second – which itself is done greatly – and probably the length of the movie. It just felt like they needed to rush things forward to get to the end before the credits start about halftime. The plot holes are okayish: you can overlook them more easily than in Zimmer 205 and many other horror flicks but they’re still there and noticeable. Like how does the app manage to hack itself in all that devices in the media store and display that video in a few seconds? I’m pretty sure media stores don’t configure the internet settings for every display device but yeah, I can accept that.

Ultimately I’d definitely recommend checking App out – it’s a refreshing concept with a well done accompanying app for it. And while not going to give you nightmares, it also won’t bore you to death.

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