Mark Z. Danielewski – House of Leaves
“This is not for you.” 

House of Leaves is basically a labyrinth in which you get lost. There are a ton of different layers of plot which you can follow, hidden messages and endless footnotes. It’s hard to narrow it down really…

“The best summary I’ve given about this book is this: it’s a book about a book about a movie about a house.” [x]

I love this book. It scared me, surprised me, left me wanting more and stayed with me for a long time after finishing it. Definitely one of the books you pick up again and again over the years and find something different between the lines each time.

rating: 5/5

Elke Naters – G.L.A.M.
Was ich auch anfange, endet im Bett. Ich schlafe den ganzen Tag. Vom Schlafen wird man müde, und dann schläft man wieder weiter. Essen bis zum Umfallen. Trinken bis zur Bewusstlosigkeit. Tanzen bis zur Ohnmacht. Der Schlaf ist das Ziel.
Ich glaube, ich versteh die Idioten, die diesen ganzen Blödsinn machen: Fressen, bis sie nicht mehr laufen können und von Brücken springen. Daß man sich aus einer ungeheuren Lebenssehnsucht ins Aus katapultiert. Weil einem das Leben ein ganzes Leben lang ein Versprechen macht, das es nicht einhalten kann. 
Nur – dann ist man tot und merkt nicht davon. Da schlaf ich lieber und wache auf, um wieder einschlafen zu können.

This book sounded interesting so I picked it up at a sale in the library. It turned out to be a sort of diary like book with weird pictures and thoughts mainly about a holiday the author went on with her family and later some general stuff. I don’t know, at times it read like a weird thirty-something blogger from 2000 talking about stuff which just isn’t interesting at all.

rating: 1/5

Jan Schalm – Cézanne geht immer
Bremen, die Stadt mit der größten Millionärsdichte in Deutschland. Zum Schießen. Zum Erschießen. Weiß der Teufel, was die mit ihrer Kohle anfingen. Schiffsbeteiligungen, Mercedes-Aktien, Verlustzuweisungen. Nur keine Kunst. Und ganz besonders keine Kunst von Krone & Co.

Another book from the library sale. Picked this one up because it was written by a professor and some students here in the town. Sadly the many authors show and it didn’t make a lot of sense.

rating: 1/5

Kiera Cass – The Prince
I held back a sigh. I’ve tried to make choices. You don’t really trust me to. „Don’t worry father. I take the task of choosing a wife quite seriously,“ I answered, hoping my tone gave him some assurance of how much I meant that.

The novella made the main series sound a bit more interesting and I found it nice to get to know Maxon first.

rating: 3/5

Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910

Probably my favorite part of the entire series simply because it has The Threepenny Opera as a huge influence and I love that play endlessly.

rating: 4/5

Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969

Compared to the other two volumes, this arc is such trash…

rating: 1/5

Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009

So glad this is other and the podcast is done and I don’t need to pick up another issue of this series ever again!

rating: 1/5

Kiera Cass – The Selection
„So you’re choosing him over me? he asked miserably. 
„No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.” That was the truth at the core of everything. I didn’t know what I wanted yet, and I couldn’t let myself be swayed by what was easy or what someone else thought was right. I had to give myself time to decide what was best for me.

Kind of a slow start, but okay. I liked the general idea of basically a ya novel with a bachelor plot. What’s with the current fascination with dystopian futures is still a mystery to me… and in the world of this series basically every country also seems to have a monarchy because we need the fairy tale background or whatever… so there is kitsch and one has to accept that. Also there’s of course a love triangle again… it was an okay start for a trilogy and at least made me want to continue reading it.

rating: 3/5

Lynne Matson – Nil
I prayed that I’d make it. And that she’s make it. And that somehow we’d live happily ever after on the other side. But fairy tales were for little girls in polyester princess getups, not for seventeen-year-old boys daring to hope.

Nil reminded me a lot of Rush and Soul Beach at first. The story is told through two different point of views which was refreshing. It’s naturally not realistic – seems to be a trend of written angst all over scenes while there is no angst but still the few scenes which Matson made heartbreaking did the job just fine. Especially the ending is done very nicely. Although I suppose you could tell it from afar if you don’t read through the night to finish the novel.

rating: 4/5

Leonard Cohen – Book of Longing
If you are not clear about which spiders are poisonous, kill them all.

For me, Cohen’s poetry and other pieces in this book just didn’t click. I took nothing from this book and its art and it was a fight to get through it. There’s only the paragraph about the spiders which I liked and the rest… well, it wasn’t for me.

rating: 1/5

Kiera Cass – The Elite
Love is beautiful fear.

So the girls get narrowed down, Maxon is somewhat unlikable, America is flat and went on my nerves during some chapters and you’re just waiting for the storm to break loose.

rating: 2/5

Kiera Cass – The Guard 
Of course the man with everything he could ever need or want didn’t understand why any average person might want the same chance.

Aspen’s point of view doesn’t really give much to the character. Through him we learn of some things which America doesn’t know but I am not sure it justifies an entire novella. But then Aspen is also a character I kind rely to at all…

rating: 1/5

Kiera Cass – The One
But even now I know this isn’t a fairy tale. I know that we’ll have hard times, confusing times. I know that things won’t always happen the way we want them to and that we’ll have to work to remember that we chose this. It won’t be perfect, not all the time.
This isn’t happily ever after.
It’s so much more than that.

I believe the problem of this series is that Cass couldn’t decide to go with which arc: the kitsch ya bachelor commoner gets chosen by prince and gets a happily ever after one or the dystopian future of the US ruled by a monarchy with a caste system which is on the verge of getting overthrown by two different rebel groups. We have the rebels but they don’t do much. Yeah, there is like one scene which came somewhat out of the blue but the rest was like, yes, rebels, that stuff happens no need to worry. The three deaths don’t matter either: one character has been made unlikable from the very beginning, the other just redeemed herself through this book and not very believable and the third… well, was very flat. The love triangle gets resolved very easily and maybe that really is part of the problem: it’s just all way to easy.

rating: 2/5

Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire
“… and she wept for herself and the changes that had been wrought in her, because sometimes even change for the better felt like a little death.”

The last book in this trilogy was pretty slow: it took me about thirty percent to even start caring about the main characters again. A lot of stuff keeps getting repeated over and over again and it’s just boring? You can tell how Clare tries to set up the next trilogy she has planned and intertwine the whole thing more with the Infernal Devices and it also slows down the plot. I could have lived with the ending (even though with all this you’ve a dark heart inside of you valentine’s daughter talk I really would have liked an evil Clary but okay) but I just hate how Clare couldn’t end it with the heartbreak. Nope, we need the fairy tale ending and that’s why the first break the hearts and then just reverse the entire thing in the next chapter. If the whole thing had ended with Izzy reading the flyer, yes, that would have been great but so? No. The Infernal Devices gave me more feelings as well as the first trilogy but here I had no real emotions throughout the entire book. Also I just hate this need to redeem villains or at least to explain their actions.

rating: 2/5


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