[Gelesen] Marah Woolf: BookLessSaga


Lasst Euch entführen in eine Welt, in der Seiten flüstern, Worte kämpfen und Lucy und Nathan alles opfern, um Bücher vor der Vernichtung zu retten. Eine Trilogie für Leseratten, Büchersüchtige, Buchstabenjunkies und natürlich für alle, die es noch werden sollen. [x]

This series is basically all about books – and tropes. Really, there are so many tropes in the three books that you could turn spotting them into a drinking game… still Woolf manages to pull the story off just fine.

The set up is rather easy: Lucy can communicate with books thanks to a special – book shaped! – mark, there’s a secret organization stealing books from mankind and she has to stop them. And of course she also finds her true love on the way.

The trilogy sometimes reminded me a bit too much of the Ruby Red trilogy but then the set up is similar. Of course thanks to the tropes you could often tell in which direction the story would go but there are enough surprising moments in the series to not make it too easy to tell. Especially the final solution isn’t guessable from the start which is always a plus.

Now the series isn’t exactly written for my age group and I found it still very enjoyable. Apart from Woolf trying to explain Lucy’s and Nathan’s gift in a rather ridiculous way it was a refreshing overall concept for once. And who wouldn’t love to be able to speak with their books?

rating: 4/5


Verlag: Ina Körner
ISBN: 9783000426148 (#1) | 978-3000444173 (#2) | 9783000461491 (#3)
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.08.2013 | 12.12.2013 | 13.06.2014


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