Mike Carey; Peter Gross –  The Unwritten, Vol. 2: Inside Man
“When a book is read an irrevocable thing happens — a murder, followed by an imposture. The story in the mind murders the story on the page, and takes its place.”  

The Song of Roland made me so happy in this volume! Also Savoy joins in and I absolutely LOVE his character!

rating: 5/5

Mike Carey; Peter Gross –  The Unwritten, Vol. 3: Dead Man’s Knock

“Let’s go home.“ Tommy said. „My home is wherever you are,” Sue whispered. But he did not hear her above the splashing of the oars. 

The choose-your-own-adventure in this volume was fun. It’s not a bad volume, it just wasn’t as captivating as the two first ones.

rating: 4/5

Marah Woolf – Wörter durchfluten die Zeit (BookLessSaga #1), Gesponnen aus Gefühlen (BookLessSaga #2) + Ewiglich unvergessen (BookLessSaga #3)
Lasst Euch entführen in eine Welt, in der Seiten flüstern, Worte kämpfen und Lucy und Nathan alles opfern, um Bücher vor der Vernichtung zu retten. Eine Trilogie für Leseratten, Büchersüchtige, Buchstabenjunkies und natürlich für alle, die es noch werden sollen.

rating: 4/5 | thoughts

Gretchen McNeil – Get Even (Don’t Get Mad #1)
She’d wanted to say something, to apologize. But how do you say you’re sorry you ruined someone’s life?

I actually thought this was gonna be a standalone and just discovered it’s the first part halfway through the book. Oh well, whatever. Probably my favorite book by McNeil yet. I love the different girls and the plot and it’s gonna be interesting to see how they get out of this mess!

rating: 4/5

Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman  – Cathy’s Book (Cathy Vickers Trilogy #1)
If this were a war year, if this were 1918 or 1944, I wouldn’t be the only girl whose dad was never coming home. Think of that: a whole generation of us, daughters and young wives, waiting for a car that will never roll into the driveway. Waiting for a door that will never open again.

Cathy is a bit difficult but once you get over her attitude, her story is incredible fun and fascinating. I really like how drawings are scattered throughout her diary because it fits the character (and they’re just really pretty).

rating: 4/5

Sara Shepard – The Perfectionists (The Perfectionists #1)
“But you’ll tell me if you remember anything else, right? Anything at all?“ „Of yourse,” Ava said, smiling her brightest, most helpful smile back at him. But what she really meant was, Like hell I will.

A bit similar to Get Even. This feels like Pretty Little Liars but out of the perspective of the A team. You can tell that the entire book is basically a set up for all the characters so not too much is happening. Could be an interesting fix for PLL as that series is about to end in December.

rating: 3/5


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