1Q84 ― spoiler talk


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  • SO MANY LINKS AND REFERENCES! Seriously, Austin from Figurative Ink created mind maps of them and it’s insane! Volume I, II, III
  • Never heard of Sinfonietta byLeoš Janáček before but it’s such a great piece!
  • The way Aomame simply left the taxi in the beginning, climbing down that stairway like a boss to make it in time for her assassination – how awesome is that please? And of course it’s her who figures out how to leave 1Q84 and to lead the way!
  • Female assassins in general are the best! Her killing method reminded me of something but I just can’t figure out what it was…
  • Tengo is basically this giant puppy who can’t manage to say no to anyone. It’s also such a nice thing to have a character who is such a promising child but doesn’t end up being anything extraordinary.
  • There’s so much talk about the god damn Air Chrysalis book that I was scared we would never learn about its actual content and there’s still a lot unclear about it.
  • The two moons themselves reminded me of the concept of maza and dohta?
  • Tengo and Aomame mirror each other so much and that this little interaction in the class room has so much influence for their entire lives… they deserve to be happy no matter what!
  • I was wondering the entire time why we had this weird sex scene with Fuka-Eri and then Aomame starts suspecting her pregnancy; totally didn’t see this coming! It somehow made the scene less creepy
  • Leader’s assassination was such an intense scene and I was so scared for Aomame the moment she left. Still glad his prediction didn’t come true
  • Tamaru’s silence after Aomame asks for the book and a pregnancy test – you can just tell how helpless he is in that moment
  • Town of Cats – really liked that story and its later meaning
  • That three nurses = the witches from Macbeth but also reminded me of the Norns – especially with the owl and the whole ‘I died before’ thing (although I don’t see the reincarnation of Tengo’s mother but still an interesting point)
  • The moment I figured out the fee collectors identity, I was screaming and had to close the book for a moment
  • Also the scene in which Tengo and Aomame nearly meet for the first time and don’t and all you want at that point is for them to finally be together? Gnah!
  • In Search of Lost Time is a pretty interesting book to read considering the lost time (twenty years) before Tengo and Aomame meet again (I still want to read that one at some point!)
  • Of course Tengo’s father wants to be burnt in his uniform, that man walks around as a ghost in that thing!
  • Was Aomame’s dream a vision about Komatsu’s fate or a possible threat?
  • Ushikawa starts as this hugely unlikable character but at the end you’re really sad about his death…
  • That tease of the real fate of Tengo’s mother was so nasty! But at the same time it’s pretty cool to know more about it than Tengo himself as a reader
  • I love how Murakami doesn’t end up writing this huge reunion-let’s-talk-scene. The way Aomame basically reads Tengo’s mind and they don’t have to talk a lot is much more powerful
  • In general I really liked all the female characters in this book
  • The last chapter being Tengo and Aomame is so perfect!
  • If they are now back in 1984 (or somewhere else) and Tengo should publish his novel, would that reduce the Little People’s power or give them more considering they never existed in that place before?
  • The scene in the hotel reminded me so much of that scene in Fight Club; “You met me at a very strange time in my life.”

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