librinaut replied to your post: I’m at the point in 1Q84 where it all …

ah i never read it. The books are in my shelf but I never touched them because i never had time and then some people told me they aren’t as good as Murakamis other books. Maybe I should give it a try…?

Technically 1Q84 is my first Murakami book (although I read The Strange Library in between other books earlier this month as its really short) so I can’t tell you whether it’s up to his normal standard… but it really made me fall in love with him and his style! It does take a bit to get started though and the Aomame chapters are more interesting in general.

What is your favorite book by him?

I had to reblog it because I’m using tumblr on mobile and somehow the messaging system won’t work.
So I guess I definitely have to read it. It’s one of the three books by Murakami I haven’t read and your review really makes me want to finally finish it.
My favourite Murakami book is “after dark”. I love everything about it and I can’t even say exactly why. Murakami can put feelings, moods and emotions inside your head like nobody else and that’s what I love about him. In “after dark” you feel like floating through a city, passing by and observing the people you see. It helped me calm down when I sat in the train/bus on my way home and I read it at least five times.
Another great book is “Sputnik Sweetheart”. That was my first Murakami book and I read it in on one day/night. It felt rather surreal and not as comforting as some of the other Murakami books I read but it made me feel. That’s… exactly what makes his books so special to me. He makes me feel. So much. Every good book does this, but Murakami understands feelings so well und has found a way to put them directly into my body. He is not perfect and I don’t like everything about his books (funny enough, I don’t care for his love stories most of the time) but they are unique and beautiful.
I hope you enjoy some of his other books as well 🙂 (his short stories are wonderful too!)

Thank you for the recommendations,

After Dark especially sounds really amazing from your description! (:
I just got a used copy of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage and I have got the feeling I will slowly purchase all Murakami books I can get a hand on… his writing truly is something special. I also feel like his stories stay with you and make you think about certain aspects and themes and yourself and that itself is such a rare thing.


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