2015 rl challenge headerEksmo Publishers, 01.01.2002 | Vintage, 22.02.1999 Crown Publications, 07.06.1999 | Phoenix House, 1999

a book of short stories
Steven Millhauser  The Knife Thrower and Other Stories

I stumbled upon this collection because I watched the fantastic movie adaption of The Sisterhood of Night and got curious about the original story. To be fair, short stories are not my thing and I usually stay away from them… so I pretty much ended up liking half the stories and hating the rest. Apart from four stories which stand out a bit, the others all seem linked or at least all existing in the same fantastical world and make you want to visit places like the Consortium or Paradise Park. Millhauser has a really nice recognizable style and although the collection was first published in 1998, it doesn’t feel outdated.

  • …for there they stood before us, the dark master and the pale maiden like figures in a dream from which we were trying to awake.
    [The Knife Thrower]
  • The many explanations, far from casting rays of sharp and separate light on the hidden places of the sisterhood, have gradually interpenetrated and thickened to form a cloudy darkness, within which the girls were unseen.
    [The Sisterhood of Night]
  • As we hurry along the sidewalk, we have the absurd sensation that we have entered still another department, composed of ingeniously lifelike streets with artful shadows and reflections–that our destinations lie in a far corner of the same department–that we are condemned to hurry forever through these artificial halls, bright with late afternoon light, in search of the way out.[The Dream of the Consortium]

rating: 3/5


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