[Momentan] KW 24 / 2015


inspiration from Clover and Dot 

In the search of a paragraph, in 3 different languages. by Birce Altay – stumbled upon it while researching 1Q84 a bit more and found the article amazing! It’s really interesting to learn about things lost in translation and her journey to finding the quote that meant so much to her is itself very inspiring.

Received a hardcover edition of Deathless in the mail and it’s so gorgeous! Although it’s an used library copy it’s in a fine condition and oh so pretty. I need to reread this book soon and mark all my favorite quotes in my paperback copy! It’s just too bad that the companion novel seems to be pushed back to 2016 alongside Radiance

Started Folklore as well as Rune Factory: Oceans about a week ago. Not so sure about the later one yet but Folklore is fun so far. Definitely have to make some time at the weekend for playing them!

Occasionally I need to rearrange my shelves and this time it worked out pretty nicely – still love color coordination but arranging books by height looks great as well! Especially all my English hardcover editions look fantastic side by side.

Not a proper movie but last week our cinema showed a screening of NTL: Man and Superman and that play is hilarious! It still works very well after a hundred years and the acting is spot on. Makes you hate the fact that they usually don’t release their plays on DVD or digital even more – I’d love to see it again!

My favorite radio station plays Walk by Kwabs nearly every morning and that song slowly made its way into my heart.

And my senses only lie to me, lie to me

I don’t know how I feel so wrapped in me, wrapped in me
I gotta check myself
Before I get what I want to
Find out is not what I thought it was

I have fallen down a hole and it’s called Twin Peaks! I had seen the pilot a few months ago but somehow lacked motivation to watch on… this week I decided to give it another go and got absolutely hooked. It’s quite bizarre at times but still highly entertaining. Besides watching the series I listen to the Twin Peaks Podcast (love hearing their reactions and debates!) and read the Twin Peaks Revisited articles (the trivia section is awesome) after every episode. Also discovered The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer on my parents bookshelf and will read it after the mystery around her death is revealed.


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