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a book with bad reviews 
Amanda Grange – Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

The average rating of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre on Goodreads is 2.87 which really surprises me. The blurb and title sound very promising and the book also doesn’t start too badly… but overall it’s boring as hell. The title takes away any suspense and makes Lizzie’s lack of knowledge for the better part of the book rather annoying. From the timeline she can’t of course know Dracula yet but she only conveniently remembers tales about vampires once the plot requires her to do so. Darcy never drinks blood throughout the novel and his weakness or sign of being a vampyre is a joke. The showdown is over before it even starts and the power of love can naturally overcome all. Ugh. There’s also no real reason why the main characters have to be Darcy and Elizabeth – Grange could easily have made this into an original story with little effort and it would probably have worked better.

  • “The glory, it has passed, the great days, they have gone. There is no place in the world now for our kind, not unless we will take it, and take it with much blood. There are those who will do so, but me, I find I love my fellow man too much and I cannot end his life, not even to restore what has been lost. But without great ruthlessness, glory fades and strength is gone.”
  • For the moment she was caught between the two worlds, neither one thing nor another. She would be sorry to let the former depart and yet she was longing for the latter to arrive: a new name and with it a new world and with it a new life.

rating: 1/5


Verlag: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN: 9781402240560
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2009


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