[S.] Drifting Twins – second letter

The second letter for our little project arrived last week, and I finally had the time and mind to work on it! The transcript of Orcs text is in green, my comments are in black. She already wrote a post about my letter, which can be read here. Or start here with the first letter of Orc.

s2-1                                     Chapter tw

  • dreadful atmosphere

  • It’s like a ghostship, where he can’t escape from. Ghost Ship is actually one of my favourite horror movies ^-^

  • Maelstrom – cool character name. Hard to understand the guy though.

  • The whistle thing… brr.

  • pg 41. strange symbol?

  • no enjoyment for the crew. what a hell. Their mouths are sewn shut… I don’t think they’re meant to enjoy anything (how the hell do they even eat?! Oo)

  • Aquila-Cygnus-Gemini <- I wish I could pinpoint the ship based on this info Guess who started researching that right away? But that topic is complicated… the three constellations are for example best viewed during three different seasons here in Europe alone, and we have no other marker. If we’d know the journey from A to B we could pinpoint the time frame, but yeah. I managed to stumble upon an interesting article though, that ties the Azores with Greek mythology and discusses using constellations for figuring out Odysseus route 

  • The ship, steering in the unknown – it’s like S’ state of mind.

  • Random thought: Sola -> Laos like the country?

  • I don’t like monkeys

  • If you think about how horrific early sea expeditions must have been. With all the rot, death and decay…

  • People dying from deficiencies and what not. All in hope for gold and glory, or just a better life

  • No wonder it is such a useful plot device!

  • If you would be in S’ situation, what would you do?

  • Would you go crazy?

  • Try to figure out why they’re all blueish?

  • Help the crew members out? that would be the nicer thing to do

  • What’s up with the muffled screams?

  • Are you brave? not the least bit

  • e x p l a i n


Well… things got in motion now I’m still interested what will happen to “S.” and I’m really happy we get away from the ship now. You remember the book title..? :’) Again, the story of Eric and Jen is a tidbitmore engaging, although this whole coding business is not my personal cup of tea. I like them being solved though.

It sure is a

I’m eager to see how things will unfold further. The mystery is far from over and I’m excited what’s in store. Sorry for the long wait, I hope the letter is cool enough I sure gave it a lot of thought! xoxo Orc of course it is ♥

I wish we could read the other stuff VMS has supposedly written to see the connections, like Eric does. Me too! Like they could at least forget a short list with the titles plus short plot summaries in “S.” somewhere, couldn’t they? Although I have the feeling VMS wouldn’t be a popular author but more like an artsy type… say Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre for example He feels safer not corresponding face to face. Why? Extremely shy, paranoid, anxious? We also have a spirit of things my dear! Is Jen actually going to graduate? I hope so! ~This hits home! Regarding Poe: I should read more. I feel dumb, seriously. Nothing a bit of reading can’t fix 😉 Maybe this whole experiment will draw me closer to get more knowledge in the field of literature. I should partake in one of those reading challenges. Depends on the challenge and the type of reader you are… and whether you actually need to know certain things. (Unless you want to – then of course go for it!) But “S.” proves enough of a challenge as it is! Whistle found near a shipwreck in the Azores – inspiration for the story? VMS body of work feels as big as Stephen King’s; crass-references, shared themes, places, people etc. That’s how readers start to obsess about world-building and small details! I dread to figure out codes myself. Ha! Knew it. We come back to the Azores. Okay, do you know where they are?! Look at a map, it’s crazy! Over Kilometer from the European main land und about 4382 km east from North America *-* Sobreiro. Quercus suber = cork oak tree, reference to Portugal (the Azores belong to Portugal too) Another important character starting with an “S.”? We both get to know each other via letters as well. I love that! Fünfherzen is such an idiotic name for a village if you’re German. I actually could imagine it though… down in the South I just shook my head. Who steals all the stuff? Kleptomaniac monkeys?


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